Gruber – The perfect device for every task

3-row cultivator with wings for shovels in every aspect fulfills the requirements of conventional tillage. The optimal design provides congestion free operation, very good gringing a soil and turns mixing of crop residues.

  • Very fine penetration into the soil and good crumbling because of the small space between the tines (ca. 30 cm).
  • This ensures surface treatment in every depth of work..
  • The compact construction minimizes the need for the tractors’s lifting force.
  • Overload protection / stones with shear screw.
  • There is no congrestion due to the 88 cm gap between the beam and 80 cm height of the frame.
  • Adjustable angle of attack for the wings (340 mm standard) guarantees the most penetration even in difficult conditions.

The objective of the processing shallow stubble (depth: 3 – 8 cm), the creation of optimum germination conditions ispalog seeds and seeds of weeds, as well as mixing the harvest leftovers with the ground, in order to quickly initiated decomposition of plant residues. Precise depth control for the Terra cultivator ensures that it does not turn out the seeds mature in too deep layers of soil and evenly sprouting.

To further accelerate the decomposition of plant residues, it is necessary in most locations after 2-3 weeks an additional medium deep intensive mixing of crop residue. At larger quantities of crop residues, as well as wet conditions of harvest, and the unstable structure of the soil takes a deeper ripping area (depth of 15 – 25 cm).

Aspects of soil protection and programs for the improvement of environmental protection promote the planting of crops to improve the quality of soil fertility or use of malt blanket. In order to create the best conditions for optimum seedbed preparation, it is often necessary and shallow seedbed preparation. At the same time are of great importance uniform mixing, as well as the precise leveling and compaction of the processed area.