In 1982. blacksmith workshop was founded which was engaged in traditional way of metal processing.
Till 1992. it has grown to HUDJIK MANUFACTURING COMPANY, which is engaged in production of parts
for agricultural machinery. 35 years of working experience, competence and dedication of staff are the
best warranty of quality as well as the base for constant growth of the assortment and production
Besides assortment of over 400 parts, since 2003. our company manufactures our own brand
agricultural machinery. Our offer consists of: CULTIVATORS, TILLERS, GERMINATORS AND GRUBERS.
Machines are available in different sizes and options in accordance to buyer’s needs.
In order to be recognized on the market we use only the highest quality materials and apply latest
technology production processes. Along computer engineering we apply laser cutting, Lorch industrial
welding technology, robot welding, plastic powder magnetic painting.
For manufacturing of our products we use only first class steel plates originating from EU. For rotary
elements we apply exclusively bearings from premium world class producers.
Our company possesses patent solutions and different quality certificates for the machinery we produce
as well as CE standardization.
In order to maintain quality and development trends we cooperate with the University of Novi Sad,
Faculty of Technical Sciences with whom we have an Agreement of Technical Cooperation.

Our goals and business policy hasn’t changed from the beginning: to produce and develop products of
highest quality in accordance to needs of our clients.

Our products can compete in reliability, endurance and performance with leading international
producers. Testimonials to that are many awards received at agricultural fairs and even more, well
satisfied domestic and international users of our products.
For any specific question please contact our company and you’ll receive detailed information on
technical characteristics, prices, sales and delivery terms, warranty duration and conditions, special
orders and everything else you may be interested in.